Monday, August 5, 2013

fangirlingbiz BEST OF: Teen Wolf - The Girl Who Knew Too Much

This morning MTV Teen Wolf tweeted. #TGIM

It's funny how four letters and a hashtag can sum up the feelings of the Teen Wolf fandom. The Girl Who Knew Too Much was a great episode for so many reasons, but the two that stand out the most for me are what we finally learned. 
  1. Lydia is a banshee.
  2. Ms. Blake is the darach. (Or is she?)
I feel like we are moving forward now and that's a good thing! Even though I feel really smart because I learned two things, I still like to review. First up is MTV's The Girl Who Knew Too Much recap. (Just in case you didn't get to rewatch every day this week.)

Next is Victoria Kennedy's fan recap vlog.

Don't forget to subscribe, even though I'm confident you did last week.

Now time for some laughs, Price Peterson never lets me down with his hilarious photo recaps. Ever. Don't miss Kissing the Lipless.

After all that, I know we are ready for tonights episode...or are we?

Take a look at the preview for tonight's episode, The Overlooked.

I'm ready now wolfies, how about you? See you here next MOONDAY!