Monday, November 4, 2013

'Graceland TV' writers meet for Day 1

It's only been a couple of months since the Graceland summer finale, but I know the fans of the show are ready for more.

The Graceland fan community was buzzing after this tweet by Graceland writer, Derek Griffith.

To the delight of his fan, series star, Brandon Jay McLaren responded:

Writer Aaron Fullteron also took to twitter today:

Again, Brandon commented HAPPY DAY!

It's exciting to know that the Graceland writers are back at work to bring the fans the show they love. Do you have any predictions about next season? I'd love to hear them in the comments below!

TEEN WOLF Countdown - 9 weeks

Last week, the MTV Teen Wolf twitter told us to prepare to #LOSEYOURMIND.

This week they, along with Ian Bohen, are back reminding us that we are 9 weeks away from the mid-season premiere of Teen Wolf!

How have you been filling your time since the mid-season finale? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @fangirlingbiz!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Graceland TV - Is it summer 2014 yet?

I remember how my twitter timeline exploded when my fellow fans of Graceland TV learned that there will be a season 2 next summer. It was a great day for the fans, writers, and stars of the show!

Here's the thing though, next summer is sooo farrr awayyy!!! I know many Gracies have already rewatched season 1, but I propose that we do a winter rewatch. It will be so fun to create a post for each episode, with fans submitting episode recaps, episode stills, gifs, wallpaper, fb headers, avi icons, fan fiction, fan art, edit, etc. What do y'all think? Are you in for the winter interactive rewatch? Sound off in the comments below!

Monday, September 9, 2013

How a $10 DVD set led me to watch what is now one of my favorite shows, ever!

I really love to watch TV series on DVD. There is something about that instant gratification of getting to watch the next episode, NOW!!!

Back in December of 2010, I came across a DVD set of season 1 and season 2 of Dawson's Creek for $10. I spend that much on two lattes, so it was a done deal for me. After the Pacey/Teacher thing was over, I was drawn to Pacey. In fangirl fashion, I "researched" this Joshua Jackson who was the actor that played Pacey. I found that he was Peter Bishop on a Fox tv show called Fringe. I found that age had treated JJ well, and I set the DVR to record.

Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop
The very first episode I watched was titled The Firefly, and I was a bit confused as to what was going on in the show. My fangirl research turned up that the showrunner, Joel Wyman, was live tweeting with the fans. I stay tuned for the west coast airing and followed the tag, but I didn't say anything. I followed conversations, and started following and tweeting the fans of the show. I made a lot of Fringe friends quickly. Over the next couple of months I acquired and watched both previous seasons. I was hooked! I watched the Fringe DVD's multiple times, and tweeted like crazy! From that point forward I was a Fringe fan for life.

I had a Fringe fan twitter and tumblr account (which I later deleted in a moment of insanity). These were a necessity during our Fringe twitter campaigns, led by @Fringenuity. I have a Fringe shirt on my favorite things blanket, and I even created a Fringe inspired mirror with my GetGlue stickers. I still use this mirror today.

Bishop & Son t-shirt is now on my t-shirt rag quilt. :)
Fringe brought me closer to people on twitter, and in real life. It wasn't just a tv show for me. Fringe was a life experience that I will never forget.

I am ever thankful that I spent that $10 on those Dawson's Creek DVDs.

Monday, August 5, 2013

fangirlingbiz BEST OF: Teen Wolf - The Girl Who Knew Too Much

This morning MTV Teen Wolf tweeted. #TGIM

It's funny how four letters and a hashtag can sum up the feelings of the Teen Wolf fandom. The Girl Who Knew Too Much was a great episode for so many reasons, but the two that stand out the most for me are what we finally learned. 
  1. Lydia is a banshee.
  2. Ms. Blake is the darach. (Or is she?)
I feel like we are moving forward now and that's a good thing! Even though I feel really smart because I learned two things, I still like to review. First up is MTV's The Girl Who Knew Too Much recap. (Just in case you didn't get to rewatch every day this week.)

Next is Victoria Kennedy's fan recap vlog.

Don't forget to subscribe, even though I'm confident you did last week.

Now time for some laughs, Price Peterson never lets me down with his hilarious photo recaps. Ever. Don't miss Kissing the Lipless.

After all that, I know we are ready for tonights episode...or are we?

Take a look at the preview for tonight's episode, The Overlooked.

I'm ready now wolfies, how about you? See you here next MOONDAY!

Monday, July 29, 2013

fangirlingbiz BEST OF: Teen Wolf - Visionary

There is a new episode of MTV's Teen Wolf tonight at 9 cst. WHO'S EXCITED?!

I can see you all jumping up and down and waving in excitement...SO AWESOME! Also, who gets a little confused from time to time (or all the time)?! This fangirl does. No worries though, I have what you need to clear up all confusion. If you have about 25 minutes (I know you do) to watch/read the following you will be the one explaining what's up to everyone on twitter and tumblr. Go you!

First up is MTV's recap of episode 8: Visionary.

Also watch the behind the scenes video for Visionary. The young Derek actor, Ian, is so cute! I loved it when he says something about being cute enough to play young Derek (yes, Ian, you have to be hot to work on Teen Wolf).

Next up in your journey to understanding is a fan recap and review. Victoria Kennedy, owner of the Novel Reality blog, does an excellent job recapping the episode.  Don't forget to subscribe while you are there. You won't regret it. I watch it every week!

I bet by now you have a pretty good understanding of what's going on...well of the information we have been given anyway. Now you MUST read Price Peterson's photo recap for Visionary, or as he calls it, Teen Wolf "Visionary" Review: Ex-men Origins. His recaps are not only informational, but also hilarious!!!

You're almost finished wolfies. Jeff Davis was kind enough to answer questions on the MTV Teen Wolf tumblr yesterday. There were some GOOD questions! (Also, a lot of not good questions, but you can skip over those.)

The final thing you need to do to get ready for tonight is watch the sneak peak for episode 9 -  The Girl Who Knew Too Much

That's it wolfies! Go share your knowledge on your favorite social media and be looked to as a Teen Wolf guru!

Did you like your Teen Wolf crash course to clear up the confusion? Please let me know in the comments what you would like to see in posts like this. I'll see you back here next MOONday!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Healing my fangirl heart with an ARROW.

Last Friday, Fox aired the series finale for Fringe. It has been one of my biggest fangirl obsessions to date. I will never let go of Fringe, but I need to fill the void to heal my fangirl heart.

When Arrow first aired, many, many people on my twitter timeline were liking it. Week after week I kept reading how much people are liking Arrow, most notably, @cadlymack and @cheribot. I took my iPad and shut myself in a room and watched the 5 episodes of Arrow that were available from CWTV. I really, really liked it! What's not to like about a gorgeous man in a hood that is bringing down the bad guys?  In true fangirl fashion, I proceeded to research the man who portrays the man in the hood,  the gorgeous Stephen Amell. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Stephen is all over the web!

You can follow him on twitter

You can like his Facebook page.

You can subscribe to his YouTube channel. He just added a 3 part Q & A from the fans this week.

You can read his blog, Prelude to a Big Break. In his Play it again... post he talks about why he started blogging again. 

The results are: THIS GUY IS REALLY COOL!!! I will be tuning in to the CW on Wednesdays at 7 central to watch Arrow. 

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you!